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Transaction Data

Opensee leverages the depth and granularity of all available trade and order data (public and private) in any direction in order to improve your market intelligence and execution process.

Flip the cards and see how we address these common pain points

Lack of price transparency & consistency

to build prices of less liquid assets

Aggregation of all available information

to price the value of an asset

Interests are shown blindly

regardless the real liquidity and can be counter productive

Real time monitoring

of the activity to decide the timing of an execution

Segmentation of data sets

(between Cash Transactions, Futures, Financing, Orders...)

Single data environment

with trades, orders, axes and other relevant informations without size limits and with a flexible data model

Limited access in real time of long historical data

to identify natural counterparts to any trade

Identify natural counterparts

based on hit ratios, trading or other criteria using 100% of your trades order information

No capacity to analyse

long trading activity in any axis (ISIN, time series, counterparts, venues)

Unique historical database

for analysis, back testing, dealer reportings

No such analytical real time Informations

in OMS or trading venues

API to integrate all

informations within your OMS or trading platforms for immediate usage

Key benefits Opensee delivers


Predictability and transparency

Under- standing

of real time activity and liquidity


pre-trading market intelligence


a real best execution


dataset at a low infrastructure costs


your transaction costs

Open and see our other use cases

Open and see our other use cases

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