Trade Analytics
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Trade Analytics

Leverage your historical trading and market activity to generate pre and post trading intelligence through real-time analytics and improve portfolio performances.

Real-Time Big Data Analytics for Trading

Flip the cards and see how we address these common pain points

Fragmentation of data sets

(between Orders, Executions, Futures, Financing, Market data…)

Single data environment

with trades, orders, axes… without size limit

Difficulty to share detailed activity

with internal/external clients with right permissioning

Granular access rights

and permissioning

Difficulty to replay execution

with other parameters to improve algo and other executions

Data versioning

with full audit trail and parameters of UDF

Complexity to automate

historical trading data intelligence

API call to aggregate & analyse

in any axis using 100% of your trade/order information

No capacity to analyse

long trading activity in any axis (ISIN, time series, counterparts, venues)

Horizontal scalability

combined with granular drilling

No real-time post-trade analytics

Integrated Python UDF

for self-service analytics to get a comprehensive information of orders execution

Key benefits Opensee delivers

Get price predictability and transparency

Understand and analyse activity

in real-time

Get full pre-trading

market intelligence

Achieve a real best execution

Centralise your trade and market data

at a low infrastructure cost

Reduce your transaction costs

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