Repo & Collateral Management
Use Cases

Repo & Collateral Management

With Opensee, analyse and manage client and inventory collateral requirements in real-time and optimise allocation with direct leverage impact calculation.

Self-service analytics for financial institutions

Flip the cards and see how we address these common pain points

Fragmented data sets

(liquidity, securities inventories, counterparts…)

Single data environment

with inventories, repositories, haircuts… without size limit

Limited granular & real-time collateral inventory

(at bank and client level)

Access to all data

at the most granular level and under multiple axes

No real-time calculation

to manage efficiently IM/VM, Leverage Ratio per counterpart and globally

Integrated Python UDF

to get comprehensive information (counterparty, haircut simulations, leverage…)

Limited granular history

despite valuable insight for ‘special’ collateral

Horizontal scalability

using commodity hardware on-premise and/or on Cloud

Limited capacity

to enhance internal metrics (balance sheet, liquidity usage, LCR, stress test)

Business-user empowerment

Abstraction Model layer, intuitive UI, Python UDF, connector to traditional BIs…

Collateral requirements anticipations

Real-time aggregation and drilling in any axis

More granular understanding

of repo and collateral usages for internal and external clients

On the fly and more proactive

allocation of collateral with direct leverage impact calculation

Better market intelligence

for ‘special’ collateral

User autonomy

to analyse positions among different axes (client, ISIN, region…)

Better management of collateral,

capital and liquidity ratios especially Leverage Ratio

Reduce infrastructure costs

with scalable and real-time platform

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