Climate Risk
Use Cases

Climate Risk

Opensee centralises fragmented ESG data at any company and asset detail level to perform climate-related analysis (climate stress testing…) more efficiently and react quicker to evolving regulations like taxonomy requirements.

Self-service analytics for financial institutions

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Fast evolving regulatory requirements

Climate stress testing and EU taxonomy

Flexibility to adjust to new rules

with flexible data models and user autonomy

Fragmented ESG & climate data sets

New data sources integration and validation made easy

No capacity for real-time granular analysis

Full granularity

including historical data, with lightning speed queries for asset level analysis

No integration of climate into existing frameworks

for holistic stress testing

Cross data sets analysis and calculations

No custom or complex metrics

with different scenario analysis requirements

Enterprise strength tools

Custom what-if scenarios and Python calculators

Single way to visualise and report

whatever the audiences

Flexible user interface and API

Choose from various templates or use your own BI tools

Accelerate compliance

with new granular regulatory requirements

Combine financial and non financial

data sets for climate stress testing

Improve insight

with granular analysis in any axis

Reduce infrastructure costs

with scalable solution

Improve synchronisation across teams with shared tools

Automate reporting

and enjoy many visualisation options

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