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MAR 2022

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‘Businesses built on and driven by insights from data grow exponentially, on average at more than 30% annually according to research. Faster and better-informed decisions are becoming the new frontier for organisations to be competitive.

Enabling companies to unlock the full value of their data has always been Opensee’s focus and in 2022 we are accelerating our own growth with new hires in almost every team.

Opensee has not only anticipated the challenges facing Financial Institutions, but helps them becoming data-driven organisations to extract intelligence better from their data.

Discover here some of the news highlights of the last few months about how Opensee helps banks rethink data architecture, and stay tuned for more to come!’


Stéphane Rio, CEO & Founder of Opensee


What’s new?



| Get a glimpse of our solution: how to extract value better from your data thanks to Opensee Enterprise?

Watch this video to discover our intuitive client interface and the key features it offers to extract, analyse and visualise data easily and on-demand.


| ClickHouse invited Opensee to join its new blog!

We recently shared with ClickHouse the story behind Opensee’s innovative product and how we leverage their technology. Read this blog to know more.


| The Good, the Bad and the Illiquid

Liquidity Risk: what challenges are facing the banks and how do technological breakthroughs like Opensee’s help them? Find the response in this blog.



What about our product?


Opensee’s Product Management and Developers have been working hard in the last few months to improve Opensee Enterprise’s and its user experience (UX):


| Front End

We have started to demo our beta Web UI. And to help guide additional functionalities and refine the UX, we’ll be arranging dedicated group discussions with our existing clients.


| Back End

A few examples among dozens of developments to improve our clients’ experience: for ingestion APIs, branches (Opensee’s approach to data versioning) are the only info needed, as an alternative to more complex calls involving commit IDs.

The use of vectors, a key feature of Opensee’s lightning performances, has been optimized through new JOINs for vectorised tables.

Also, the range of data type transferable to Python has been extended as well as the ‘filtering’/’group by’ feature, enhancing calculator performance and useability.



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