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JUL 2022

Opensee’s summer newsletter!


‘What an exciting time for Opensee, since so much has happened during the last few months!

With conferences and events taking place physically again, it was great to have had the opportunity to meet and discuss with clients and prospects in person. It enables us to understand better not only their day-to-day issues, but also to figure out how our real-time analytics can help solve them.

Adapting to our clients’ needs, providing them with the most appropriate solutions and building strong relationships are all part of Opensee’s DNA. This gives us the opportunity to explore more use cases where Opensee can be relevant and expand its community. This is stimulating for all of our teams as we elaborate new features and improve existing ones, providing our users with greater autonomy. We broaden our sales perspectives and hone our understanding of the industry’s expectations and developments.

We are particularly proud that these efforts have led Opensee to be recognised as an industry leader in risk management, receiving the “Best Risk Aggregation Initiative” Award at WatersTechnology’s IMD & IRD Awards. This is a great accomplishment for Opensee, thanks to the positive feedback from clients. I could not be more proud of our teams’ achievements.’


Stéphane Rio, CEO & Founder of Opensee


What’s new?



| Opensee wins Best Risk Aggregation Initiative Award

WatersTechnology recognised Opensee as an industry leader in risk management at the 2022 IMD & IRD Awards. They reward the team’s efforts to anticipate our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations through our innovative real-time analytics solution.


| Takeaways: Opensee attended TradeTech 2022

Trade analytics, execution, automation…Discover in this blog and interview how Opensee helps buy-side firms address major industry concerns.


| Deep dive into our solution in the Market Risk world

From aggregation to visualisation, explore all the relevant features to calculate, analyse and manage your VaR more accurately.

Learn more about our Market Risk use case here.



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Take off for a Cloud journey, land with a SaaS model

Financial Institutions have taken their first steps in migrating their data infrastructure to the cloud.

Why is it beneficial for them to leverage modern cloud-based data analytics software?



Faster and broader analysis through Machine Learning and Real-Time Analytics

Innovation is key at Opensee to providing clients with the most appropriate solutions.

How about combining Real-Time Analytics, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence to reveal new capabilities?



The Adidas 10k challenge in Paris: our running team crossed the finishing line!

This was a wonderful opportunity to admire beautiful sights in Paris while contributing to a great cause: environmental protection alongside Run For The Oceans.




What’s coming up?


Within a few weeks…

Podcast: StreetsTalkTo Opensee

Listen to Stéphane Rio, CEO & Founder of Opensee, and Julie Louvrier, Senior Sales Executive, invited by Julia Streets, founder of Streets Consulting. They will discuss the current industry insights, how we address these concerns and what lies ahead for Opensee.

Where? Stay tuned!

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