Opensee wins Best Risk Data Aggregation Initiative

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Big Banks Battling Imminent Tsunami of Big Data

In this article, Stéphane Rio, CEO of Opensee, explains the challenges banks are facing to comply with regulatory requirements. Subscribe to a free account to read it.

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How financial institutions can unlock the unrealised value of big data and address a sector issue

Every day financial institutions collect massive amounts of data but have always been struggling to exploit the full potential of it. How turn bigdata challenges into competitive opportunities?

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ICA is now Opensee

Strategic rebrand reflects new targeted direction - enabling a new vision of data for financial institutions - and milestone in company’s growth

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Did we miss you at the France FinTech R:Evolution forum last week?

Our ICA team was part of this annual event gathering major actors of the financial industry such as Bruno Le Maire, Denis Beau, Arnaud Caudoux and Edouard Plus. This year's edition was the opportunity to go "Beyond Frontiers" to rethink established standards and discuss innovations for a fairer and more global finance… where the use of enhanced data analyses will be absolutely determining.

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ICA is getting ready to cross the Pond!

ICA is growing fast and is getting ready to set up an office in North America in 2021. Business France selected ICA and seven other startups to join its “IMPACT USA” program that preps and accelerates the deployment of start-ups that were born in France... but have all what it takes to be successful in the US and Canada.

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Collectif CoData: join now to take part in the first working group to find data and AI oriented solutions to help in the Covid-19 crisis.

Collectif CoData aims at helping French institutions solving their problems through data analysis whether to help health institutions, propose appropriate measures for unlocking or take into account the stakes of education.

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