Opensee wins Best Risk Data Aggregation Initiative

We are proud to announce that Opensee has won the “Best Risk Data Aggregation Initiative” at the Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data Awards 2022.

Hosted by WatersTechnology, these 26-category awards recognise industry excellence within market data, reference data and enterprise data management. The winners have been awarded at the North American Financial Information Summit, the largest North American Data conference for Banks and Asset Managers, on May 17th in New York.

We are honoured to be recognised as an industry leader in risk data management thanks to our innovative solution which provides financial institutions with real-time self-service analytics.

Through Opensee, users can extract and explore their unlimited amounts of data at any level of granularity and history at speed to rethink their risk monitoring and regulatory reporting. They can gain unlimited analytical control to aggregate, analyse and visualise all of their data without any size limitation to optimise their risk management, regulatory reporting, trade execution and more.


“For many years all the Opensee team has been working hard to provide outstanding solutions to financial institutions while assisting them tackling critical Big Data challenges. I would like to personally thank our clients for their positive feedbacks that made this recognition possible in highlighting our technological breakthrough and hands-on use cases.

Thanks to WatersTechnology for this reward, which recognises the team’s effort to foresee our client’s needs and surpass their expectations through our real-time analytics.”, Stéphane Rio, CEO & Founder of Opensee


Check out the full announcement here.



Stéphane Rio had the pleasure of taking part in the IMD & IRD Awards Winner’s interview by Victor Anderson, Global Content Director at WatersTechnology, to discuss:

  • What our technology is designed to achieve
  • What have been the recent highlights
  • How Opensee differentiates to other risk data management solutions
  • What lies ahead


Watch the video here.


What’s new at Opensee?

Opensee’s quarterly newsletter!


‘Businesses built on and driven by insights from data grow exponentially, on average at more than 30% annually according to research. Faster and better-informed decisions are becoming the new frontier for organisations to be competitive.

Enabling companies to unlock the full value of their data has always been Opensee’s focus and in 2022 we are accelerating our own growth with new hires in almost every team.

Opensee has not only anticipated the challenges facing Financial Institutions, but helps them becoming data-driven organisations to extract intelligence better from their data.

Discover here some of the news highlights of the last few months about how Opensee helps banks rethink data architecture, and stay tuned for more to come!’


Stéphane Rio, CEO & Founder of Opensee


What’s new?



| Get a glimpse of our solution: how to extract value better from your data thanks to Opensee Enterprise?

Watch this video to discover our intuitive client interface and the key features it offers to extract, analyse and visualise data easily and on-demand.


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| The Good, the Bad and the Illiquid

Liquidity Risk: what challenges are facing the banks and how do technological breakthroughs like Opensee’s help them? Find the response in this blog.



What about our product?


Opensee’s Product Management and Developers have been working hard in the last few months to improve Opensee Enterprise’s and its user experience (UX):


| Front End

We have started to demo our beta Web UI. And to help guide additional functionalities and refine the UX, we’ll be arranging dedicated group discussions with our existing clients.


| Back End

A few examples among dozens of developments to improve our clients’ experience: for ingestion APIs, branches (Opensee’s approach to data versioning) are the only info needed, as an alternative to more complex calls involving commit IDs.

The use of vectors, a key feature of Opensee’s lightning performances, has been optimized through new JOINs for vectorised tables.

Also, the range of data type transferable to Python has been extended as well as the ‘filtering’/’group by’ feature, enhancing calculator performance and useability.



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What’s new at Opensee?

Welcome to Opensee’s first quarterly newsletter!


‘Opensee, helping firms make the most informed business decisions, has entered a new phase of growth and evolved from an innovative capital markets data analytics solution to a market challenger today.

Indeed, knowing the complexity of data-intensive business needs and regulatory requirements, we adapt constantly to foresee needs, moving to production on various use cases. We’ve also extended our area of expertise, from risk management, regulatory reporting, market and trade data to collateral management, data-driven execution, data distribution platform and ESG

We’d be happy to hear back from you about your data challenges and opportunities!’


Stéphane Rio, CEO & Founder of Opensee


What’s new?



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What about our product?


| User Interaction

Our rich UI client has been improved on a weekly basis, most notably with a redesign, but also enhanced filtering through relative dates and many new options of conditional formatting.

The Web UI now contains the most important features of the rich UI client.

The XMLA connector has been enhanced for authentication, error handling and folder management.


| Data Model and Data Ingestion

The Opensee configuration model has been improved and migrated to PostgreSQL.

Auto-cube, our feature that speeds up data model ingestion, is becoming both easier to use while being able to handle more complex data model features.

new API allows dynamic joining across several pivot or calculators.

In order to continuously improve performance, the Pre-Aggregation functionalities are easier to set-up. Our facets technology brings Opensee to lightning speed.


| Back End

Opensee can now operate on multi-clusters (OnPrem + Cloud), on top of Cloud and OnPrem only.

We have added a general framework for SSO auth.



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What’s coming up?


10th November

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Where? Tower Guoman Hotel, London

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